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PreSto GMO-ERA-Net lays the groundwork for transnational research on health, environmental and techno-economic impacts of GMOs. The project engages stakeholders throughout all stages of the project to ensure that future research in this area will also be highly relevant and meaningful from a broader societal perspective.

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Although there is a large body of scientific evidence suggesting that GM products have no greater adverse impact than conventional products, this technology is still controversial on a number of levels. Additionally, new GM applications are under development and could reach the European market soon. This situation demands a timely conception of aligned research programmes that support a adequate risk and benefit analysis.

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Which GMOs are in the focus of this project?

PreSto GMO-ERA-Net will cover GM organisms intentionally released into the environment or used in feed and food applications. The project will pay particular attention to GMO applications that are of immediate relevance for the European context, where potential risks have been identified and where knowledge about health, environmental and techno-economic effects might be fragmentary or inadequate.

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Which GMO impacts will be taken into account?

The project will consider GMO impacts that affect sustainability, safety and efficiency of production systems. Research on both risks and benefits are taken into account when developing a sound research agenda.

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What is an ERA-Net?

The objective of the European Research Area (ERA)-NET scheme of the European Commission is to step up the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at the national or the regional level in the member states and associated states.


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Network Partners

PreSto GMO ERA-Net cooperates with other relevant European initiatives, authorities and institutions.

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Advisory Group

Continuous feedback on recent developments and new challenges in the field of GMO research are of paramount importance. An Advisory Group provides additional high-level expertise in areas strategic for the project’s activities.


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Please contact us in case of questions concerning our stakeholder engagement process or research activities.

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