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Brief project overview by Stefan Rauschen
(project coordinator, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany)
at the occasion of the Presto event "What do we need to know about GMOs" / Expo Milano 2015, Italy


Main project outcome:

The ultimate goal of the project was to prepare the implementation of an EU wide research network (GMO ERA-Net). The strategic implementation plan evolved in this respect contains:

  • an action plan with common goals, strategic issues and recommendations for a concrete implementation of joint activities,
  • a multi-year research strategy with concrete timelines and definition of main research areas and lines, themes and research topics,
  • rules,  procedures  and  good  practices  for  the  publication  of  calls,  for participation, and for proposal review
  • a strategy for continued stakeholder and public involvement and participation
  • indicators and measures for self-evaluation of the ERA-Net



Other deliverables / project reports

WP1: “Mapping research programmes and capacities”


WP2: “Horizon scanning of emerging GM applications”


WP3: “Prioritising research needs”


WP4: “Steps towards a GMO ERA-NET”


WP5: “Stakeholder engagement, communication and dissemination”


What is an ERA-Net?

The objective of the European Research Area (ERA)-NET scheme of the European Commission is to step up the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at the national or the regional level in the member states and associated states.


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Network Partners

PreSto GMO ERA-Net cooperates with other relevant European initiatives, authorities and institutions.

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Advisory Group

Continuous feedback on recent developments and new challenges in the field of GMO research are of paramount importance. An Advisory Group provides additional high-level expertise in areas strategic for the project’s activities.


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