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Strategy and Workflow

The overall strategy of the project in preparing a GMO-ERA-Net follows a step-by-step approach. PreSto GMO ERA-Net will not only map and evaluate what has already been done in risk and benefit assessment, and subsequently identify critical gaps in the current approaches and programmes. The project will also perform foresight activities that will identify future European research needs linked to the anticipated regulatory EU pipeline. Additionally it will also identify ongoing research conducted at public and private laboratories which focuses on the development of GMOs and deals with other aspects of their use (i.e. legal, ethical, techno-economic).

The chart below provides an overview on the project structure, workflow and expected results.

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What is an ERA-Net?

The objective of the European Research Area (ERA)-NET scheme of the European Commission is to step up the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at the national or the regional level in the member states and associated states.


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Advisory Group

Continuous feedback on recent developments and new challenges in the field of GMO research are of paramount importance. An Advisory Group provides additional high-level expertise in areas strategic for the project’s activities.


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Network Partners

PreSto GMO ERA-Net cooperates with other relevant European initiatives, authorities and institutions.

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